Teeth whitening in Amsterdam

Sport dazzling white teeth after teeth whitening – the perfect solution if you are not happy with the colour of your teeth. Since the results are comparable to teeth whitening treatment in the practice, we only offer the option of home whitening treatment.

  • Naturally white teeth
  • Effectively eliminate dental discolouration
  • Keep your teeth permanently white

Summer action

Have your teeth cleaned by our professionals and receive custom-made whitening trays for whitening at home!

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  • Dental cleaning
  • Whitening bit for upper and lower jaw
  • 2 whitening syringes

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After the treatment when you pick up the whitening bits you will receive detailed instructions.

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”I was very disturbed by my discoloured teeth and therefore agreed with my dentist on a home teeth whitening treatment in order to make my teeth whiter. I love the result!“

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Please note: unfortunately we cannot whiten fillings, crowns and bridges through whitening treatment. These pieces maintain their current colour because whitening methods do not have an effect on artificial pieces.

Whitening your teeth at home

The home teeth whitening treatment starts with a consultation at our practice. At this appointment we take an impression of your teeth. We use this to make a mouthguard for your upper and lower jaw. The home teeth whitening process is the following:

  1. You can pick up the mouthguard at our practice a week after the consultation.
  2. During this visit we check whether the mouthguard fits properly.
  3. You also receive the syringes with whitening gel and we explain how it works.
  4. You apply the whitening gel to the mouthguard every evening and wear it for 2-4 hours a day for 5-10 days.
  5. You can stop the whitening treatment sooner if you are already happy with the result.

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During and after treatment

We advise against consuming products containing colouring agents during the whitening treatment. This can have a negative influence on whitening and reduce the treatment’s effectiveness. We advise you not to smoke and to avoid consuming the following food and drink during the whitening treatment:

  • Red wine
  • Coffee and tea
  • Fruit and highly acid juices
  • Dark fizzy drinks
  • Red sauces and red curries (or other very colourful food)

How long the results last will depend on your lifestyle. For most people they last one to three years. Teeth become discoloured at a different rate for each person. You can repeat the whitening treatment every year if you want.

”My teeth were very discoloured because of all the coffee I drank, so I whitened my teeth. The Tandartspraktijk Jan van Galen staff explained everything clearly and gave me tips about the pattern of consumption which would preserve the effect for as long as possible. No more coffee for me!“

Frequently asked questions about teeth whitening

Does teeth whitening hurt?

Teeth whitening is not a painful treatment. Your teeth could be more sensitive than usual after treatment. This sensitivity could last for about 24 hours. If your teeth still hurt after a day, contact us.

Can anyone whiten their teeth?

In principle, teeth whitening is appropriate for anyone above 18 years of age. We discourage teeth whitening in women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. It is also important to remember that fillings, crowns and veneers do not change colour during whitening.

Will my crowns and fillings also be whitened?

No, the colour of fillings, crowns and veneers does not change when you whiten your teeth.

Will the whitening treatment be reimbursed?

In most cases health insurance companies will not reimburse the whitening treatment. If you have taken out a supplementary insurance, it may be that the insurance company will provide reimbursement. Ask your insurance company prior to treatment what applies in your case.

Do I have to take anything else into account before treatment?

We advise you to eat and drink enough before treatment because you must not do so while wearing the mouthguard.

Can I eat and drink again immediately after treatment?

We advise you not to smoke during the whitening treatment. Also remember not to consume products containing colouring agents such as red wine, cola, coffee or tea on the days that you use the whitening gel.

Can I keep my teeth extra white after treatment?

In order to prevent quick teeth discolouration, it is important to watch what you eat and drink. If you smoke and drink coffee, for instance, your teeth have a higher chance of discolouring quickly.

Can I repeat the treatment?

A teeth-whitening treatment is not harmful, so you can repeat it regularly. We recommend that you repeat the teeth-whitening treatment every two or three years, depending on your consumption pattern.

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If you would like more information about the whitening treatment or would like to schedule a consultation immediately, call 020 618 0074 and we will be pleased to schedule an appointment for you at short notice.