Traditional dentures

A denture gives you back your natural, radiant smile. Tandartspraktijk Jan van Galen dentists are specialists in crafting dentures. We consider it important to make them look natural and be comfortable to wear. For this important change in your teeth you can count on us to provide quality.

  • Natural appearance of the denture
  • Competent specialized dentists
  • Personal guidance during and after treatment
  • Largely reimbursed by the basic insurance

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”I was quite stressed about the idea of getting new teeth. But the dentist reassured me and gave me a wonderful set of teeth. I love to laugh now!“

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Placing a traditional denture

  • Step 1: preliminary jaw impression
    Your new set of teeth must fit perfectly. This is why we take an impression of your upper and lower jaw during the first consultation. We fill a standard impression tray with material that hardens in the mouth. This will leave an impression of your teeth.
  • Step 2: second jaw impressions
    During the second consultation we take two more impressions. The preliminary impression allows us to take these impressions in greater detail so that your denture will fit your jaw perfectly.
  • Step 3: recording occlusion
    As well as obtaining impressions of your upper and lower jaw separately, it is important to record the state of your upper and lower jaw and your occlusion. In this way we take into account the natural function of your temporomandibular joints and current occlusion. In this consultation we will also determine the colour, shape and position of the teeth in the prosthesis.
  • Step 4: trying on the trial denture
    The denture is practically ready by the fourth appointment; the teeth have been placed in it. It is time to try it on. The denture is still in wax, which permits modifications before the prosthesis is ready. The position, colour and shape of the teeth can still be adjusted.
  • Step 5: placing your denture
    Your denture is ready at the fifth consultation. If teeth still have to be extracted, we extract them during this consultation. We place your denture immediately afterwards. In this way you will not be without your teeth while you wait.


We advise you to monitor your teeth constantly at first in order to get used to any pressure points. For a gentle transition to eating with your new teeth, we advise that you only eat soft food for the first few days after treatment. When you have become fully accustomed to your new teeth, incorporate more solid food gradually. Be careful – do not take bites out of solid food (such as apples); cut them into little pieces.

Cleaning your traditional denture

You have to keep a traditional denture clean just as you do your own teeth. Brush your denture daily with a prosthesis brush and water or cleaning agent so that no food residues are left. Immerse your denture in cleaning agent for the whole night maximum once a week. Remember to clean your mouth every day too, in order to prevent gingivitis.

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”I arrived at the practice with a few damaged teeth and left with a wonderful, natural smile.“

Frequently asked questions about traditional dentures

Is it painful to have a traditional denture placed?

Having the traditional denture placed is not painful. The dentist extracts the teeth under local anaesthesia in order to minimize the pain. If your traditional denture is new, you could experience some pain from the pressure. This is usually gone by the next day.

How do I clean my traditional denture?

Brush your teeth after every meal with a prosthesis brush and water, clean your prosthesis every day with a cleaning agent and immerse your prosthesis in the cleaning agent for the whole night maximum once a week. Remember to clean your upper and lower jaw, palate and the inside of your mouth. Be careful when rinsing your denture: it can become slippery and slip off your hands due to the material of which it is made.

Does the insurance cover a traditional denture?

A traditional denture is covered by the basic insurance. The insurance company reimburses 75% of the whole treatment. The excess does apply though. For more information about reimbursement, contact your insurance company.

Can traditional dentures become discoloured?

In the same way as your own teeth, a traditional denture can become discoloured from nicotine, coffee, tea and wine consumption. Take this into account if you drink coffee or tea regularly or if you smoke. Make sure that you keep your prosthesis clean in order to prevent discolouration.

Do I still have to go to the dentist if I have a traditional denture?

You have to go to the dentist less frequently if you have a traditional denture than for normal teeth, but we advise that you come to the practice at least once every two years for a check-up. Your jaw deforms imperceptibly with time. Your traditional denture does not deform, so it can become loose or cause pain because of this. This is why it is important to pay us a visit at least once every two years. If you have any pain or discomfort before this, of course you can come sooner.

Can I eat anything with a traditional denture?

Yes, you can eat whatever you want with a traditional denture. Be careful with solid food. Do not take a bite out of an apple; cut it into pieces. In this way you avoid damaging your traditional denture so that it will last longer.

How long will a traditional denture last?

A traditional denture will last on average five to eight years. Take proper care of your denture and visit the dentist every now and then for a check-up.

Can Tandartspraktijk Jan van Galen provide a denture if I am not yet following treatment at the practice?

Yes, you are most welcome as a new patient at our practice. You do not have to arrange anything with your current dentist. Complete the registration form for new patients and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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